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Shut Down Computer using c

Shut Down Computer For XP /*for xp*/ #include #include main() { char ch; printf(“Do you want to shutdown your computer now (y/n)n”); scanf(“%c”,&ch); if (ch == ‘y’ || ch == ‘Y’) system(“C:\WINDOWS\System32\shutdown -s”); return 0; } For Window 7 /*Win 7*/ #include #include main() { char ch; printf(“Do you want to shutdown your computer now […]

Programming C Interview Questions

C ProgrammingC Interview Question with SolutionShare your C knowledge…”There is no delight in owning anything unshared” <b>4th-idiot</b> <b>Q.1</b><p>main(){int a,b;printf(“%d”,scanf(“%d%d”,&a,&b)); // values 10,20 are given as inputs here}<b>4th-idiot</b> Answers:a.2b.1c.20,10d.10,20<b>4th-idiot</b> Explanation Ans: a.1Scanf returns number of items successfully read. Here 10 and 20 are given as inputs which should have been scanned successfully. So number of items […]

Program to calculate frequency of vowels in a string in c

Alprazolam Tablets Buy Online /*Program to calculate frequency of vowels in a string*/ #include #include void main() { int a=0,e=0,i=0,o=0,u=0,sum=0; char c; clrscr(); printf(“Enter string:- “); printf(“String will be terminated if you press Ctrl-Z & then ENTER.”); printf(“STRING:- “); while ((c=getchar())!=EOF) { if (c==’a’||c==’A’) a=a+1; if (c==’e’||c==’E’) e=e+1; if (c==’i’||c==’I’) i=i+1; if (c==’o’||c==’O’) o=o+1; if (c==’u’||c==’U’) u=u+1; } sum=a+e+i+o+u; […]

Program for splitting an array in c

Order Valium Online Europe /*Program for splitting an array*/ #include #include void main() { void split(int [],int); int array[10],i,pivot; clrscr(); printf(“nnnttt Program for spliting an array”); printf(“nnnttt Enter 8 elements of an array”); for(i=0;i<8;i++) { printf(“nntttt Array[%d]=”,i); scanf(“%d”,&array[i]); } printf(“nnnttt Enter pivot value = “); scanf(“%d”,&pivot); split(array,pivot); getch(); } void split(int arr[],int pivot) { int p,q,t,i,flag=1; p=0; q=7; while(p<q) […]