L T P Total                                                                                                       Credits-4

4 0 0 4                                                                        Duration of Exam- Three hours




Programming and problem solving: Basics of Computer organisation, High level and low level languages, Steps involved in computer programming, Developing algorithms and flow charts,


C data types, C operators, Expressions, Order and Precedence of evaluation, Statements in C.


Control Statements, Functions, Arrays, Pre-processor Directives.


Pointers, Pointers and Arrays, String Handling, Functions and pointers, Dynamic Memory Allocation.


User defined data types – Structures and Unions, Bit Fields, Array of Structures, Structures with arrays.


Command line arguments, Input-output operations, File Handling.



Suggested References


  1. The C Programming Language, Second Edition, Brian W. Kernighan and Dennis M. Ritchie, PHI, New Delhi.
  1. C++ The Complete Reference, Herbert Schildt, Tata McGrawHill, 2005.
  1. Programming with C, Gottfried & J.K. Chhabra, Schaum’s Series, McGraw Hill.
  1. E. Balagurusamy, Programming in ANSI C, 2004, McGrawHill, New Delhi


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