L T P Total Credits-4
4 0 0 4 Duration of Exam- Three hours




Review of data types: Scalar types – Primitive types, Enumerated types, Subranges Structures types – Character strings, arrays, records, sets, files. Data abstraction. Complexity of algorithms: Time and space complexity of algorithms using “big oh” notation.

Recursion: Recursive algorithms, Analysis of recursive algorithms.


Linear data structures: Stacks, queues, lists. Stack and queue implementation using array, linked list. Linked list implementation using pointers.


Non linear Structures: Graphs, trees, sets. Graph and tree implementation using array linked list. Set implementation using bit string, linked list.


Searching: Sequential Search – Searching arrays and linked lists. Binary Search – Searching arrays and binary search trees. Hashing – Introduction to simple hash functions, resolution of collisions.


Sorting : n2 Sorts – Bubble sort, insertion Sort, selection sort. nlogn sorts – quick sort, heap sort, merge sort. External sort – merge files.



Suggested References


  1. Sahni S., Data Structures, Algorithms, and Applications in C++, Mc Graw Hill, Singapore, 1998.


Cormen T.H., Leiserson C.E, and Rivest R.L., Introduction to Algorithms, Prentice Hall India, New Delhi, 1990.

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