MCA-103 Discrete Mathematical Structures

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MCA-103 Discrete Mathematical Structures !

Group and Subgroups: Group axioms, Permutation Groups, Subgroups, Cosets, Normal subgroups, Semi-groups, Free Semi-groups,Modular arithmetic,grammars, language, Regular Expression,Finite State Machine.

Graphs: Directed and undirected graphs, chains, Circuits, paths, Cycles, connectivity, Adjacency and incedence matrices,Algorithms for determining cycle and minimal paths, Trees, polish notation , Flows in networks.

Lattices and Boolean Algebra: Relations to partial ordering, Lattices, Hasse diagram, Axiomatic definition of Boolean algebra as algebraic structures with two operations, Boolean Functions,Switching circuits, Gate circuits.

Finite Fields: Definition Representation, Structure, Integral domain Irreducible polynomial, Polynomial roots, Splitting field.

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