L T P Total Credits-4
4 0 0 4 Duration of Exam- Three hours




Introduction: Introduction to OOP, Basic Concepts of OOP, Applications of OOP. Introduction to C++, function Prototypes, Inline functions, Reference Parameters, Dynamic memory allocation, default arguments, Scope resolution operator, Linkage specifications


Classes, Constructors, Friend Class: Introduction, Comparing class with Structure, Class Scope, Accessing Members of a class, Constructor, Destructor, Const objects, Const member functions, Friend class, Friend function, This pointer, Data abstraction and Information hiding, container classes and Iterators.


Overloading & Inheritance: Operator Overloading, Fundamentals, Restrictions, Overloading stream, Insertion and stream extraction operators, Overloading unary & binary operators, Converting between types, Overloading ++ and –. Inheritance, Introduction, Protected members, Casting base _class pointers to derived _class pointers, Overloading Base class members in a Derived class, Public, Protocols and Private inheritance, Direct base classes and Indirect Base Classes, Using Constructors and Destructors in Derived classes, Implicit Derived class object to base class object conversion.


Virtual functions, Streams, Files: Introduction, Type fields and switch statements, Virtual functions, Abstract base classes and concrete classes, Polymorphism, Dynamic binding, Virtual destructors. C++ Stream I/O: Streams, Stream Input, Stream Output, Unformatted I/O, Stream manipulators, Stream format states, Stream error, States.


Files: File Operations –File pointers, error handling during file Operations


Templates & Exception Handling: Templates, Function templates, Class templates, Overloading template functions, Class template and non type parameters –Templates with Multiple parameters. Exception Handling: When exception handling, Basic of C++ exception, Catching an exception, re throwing an exception, exception specifications. Namespace: Introduction to Namespace


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