MCA-104 Software Engineering

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MCA-104 Software Engineering !

Introduction:Software crisis-problem and causes,software Processes, software life cycle models,Waterfall,prototype,Evolutionary and Spiral Models, Overiew of Quality standards like ISO 9001, SEI-CMM,CMM1,PCMM,Six Sigma.

Software Metrices:Size Metrices like LOC, taken Count, design Metrices, Data Structure Metrices, Information Flow Metrices, cyclomatic complexity, Halstead Complexity Measures.

Software and Software Engineering: Software characteristics, software crisis, software engineering paradigms.

Software Project Plannnig:Cost Estimation,static, single and multivariate models,COCOMO model,Putnam Resource Allocation Model , Risk Management, Project Scheduling, Personnel Planning, team structure ,Software Configuration Management, Quality assurance , project monitoring.

Software Requirement analysis and specifications: Structured Analysis, data Flow Diagrams, data Dictionaries , entity-relationship diagrams, Software Requirement and Specifications, Behavioral and Non-behavirol requirements.

Software Design:Design Fundamentals ,problem partitioning and abstraction, design methodology, Cohesion & coupling, Classification of Cohesiveness & coupling, Function oriented Design and User Interface Design.

Coding:Programming Style, Structured Programming.

Software Relaibility : metric and specification, Musa nad JM relaibility model, fault avoidence and tolerance, Exception handling, defensive programming.

Software Testing: Testing Fundamentals,Functional testing:Boundary value Analysis,Equivalence class Testing,Decision Table Testing, caues Effect graphing ,Structural Testing: Control Flow Based and Data Flow Based testing, Mutation testing, load, Stress and performance Testing.

Software Testing Strategies: Unit Testing, integration testing, Validation Testing,System testing, alpha and Beta testing, debugging.

Static Testing Strategis: formal Technical Reviews(Peer Reviews), walk Through, Code Inspection,complaince with Design and Coding standards.

Software maintenance: management of maintenance ,maintenance Process,maintenance characteristics, maintainability,maintenance tasks and maintenance side effects, reverse Engineering, software re-engineering, configuration Management, documentation.

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