MCA-201 Data Structure using C

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MCA-201 Data Structure using C !

Introduction to Data Structures, Primitive and Composite, Arrays, Matrices, Sparse Matrices, Linear search, Binary search,Insertion sort, selection sort, Bubble Sort, String representation and manipulation, Complexity of Algorithms, Records and Pointers.

Linked lists: Searching, Insertion,Deletion,Sorted Linked List, circular list, header List, two-Way List; Stack, Queues ,Recurstion, Quick sort, Linked and Array representation of stacks, Queues and Dequeue,Polish notation , Priority Queues.

Trees: Binary trees, Threaded Binary tree, Balanced tree,Different tree traversal algorithms, Binary search tree, Huffman Tree, Heap Sort, AVL Search Trees, B Trees, m-way Search Trees.

Representation of Graphs and Applications:Adjacency matrix, path matrix, warshall’s Algorithm, Linked Representation of a graph, Traversing a Graph.

Sorting and searching: radix Sort, Merge Sort, Hashing.

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