MCA-203 System Simulation

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MCA-203 System Simulation !

System concepts: System approach to problem solving, Characteristics of Systems, State of the system, System boundaries and environment.

Modeling and Simulation: Need of studying models, Type of Models. Principles and Nature of Computer Modeling and Simulation, When to use simulation, Limitation of Simulation.

Simulation Concepts : Concepts of Continuous / Discrete System simulations with the help of examples, Numerical Integration vs. Continuous Simulation, Analog vs. Digital Simulation, and Hybrid Simulation.

Generation of Random Numbers: Generation of uniformly / non-uniformly distributed, Pseudo random numbers, Monte Carlo Computation vs. Stochastic Simulation.

Case Studies : Simulation of Pure Pursuit Problem, Chemical reactor; Servo System, and Water Reservoir System.

Simulation of Queuing System : Rudiments of queuing theory, Simulation of Single Server, Two Server and M-Server Queuing Systems.

Simulation in Inventory Control and Forecasting : Elements of Inventory theory, Generation of Poisson and Erlang Variants, Use of Forecasting and Regression analysis in simulation.

Design of Simulation Experiments: Run length of Static/ Dynamic Simulation Experiments, Variance Reduction Techniques, and Validation.

Simulation Languages: Continuous Simulation Languages- Block Structured Continuous Simulation Languages, Expression Based Languages; Discrete Simulation Languages – SIMSCRIPT, GPSS, SIMULA; Factors in selection of Discrete Simulation Languages.

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