MCA-204 Computer Oriented Optimization Techniques

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MCA-204 Computer Oriented Optimization Techniques !

Introduction: The Historical development, Nature, Meaning and Management Application of Operational research. Modeling, Its Principal and Approximation of O.R. Models, Main characteristics and phases, General Methods of solving models, Scientific Methods, Scope, Role on Decision Making and Development of Operation Research in India.

Linear Programming : Formulation, Graphical solution, standard and matrix form of linear programming problems, Simplex method and its flow chart, Two-phase Simplex method, Degeneracy.

Duality : Definition of Dual Problem, General Rules for converting any Primal into its Dual Simplex method and its flow chart.

Integer Programming : Importance, Application and Classification, Gomory’s all integer programming problem technique and its flow chart, Branch and Bound Method.

Assignment Models : Formulation of problem, Hungarian Method for Assignment Problem, Unbalanced Assignment Problems.

Queuing Models : Introduction, Applications, Characteristics, Waiting and Ideal time costs, Transient and steady states, Kendall’s Notations, M/M/1, M/M/C. M/Ek/1 and Deterministic Models ( No Mathematical derivation included).

PERT and CPM : Basic steps in PERT/CPM, Techniques, Network Diagram Representation, Forward and Backward Pass-computation, Representation in Tabular form, Determination of Critical path, Critical activity, Difference between CPM and Pert, Floats and Slack Times.

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