MCA-205 Object Oriented Systems And C++

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MCA-205 Object Oriented Systems And C++ !

Introduction to C++: object oriented features of c++,comparison C with c++,class and objects,inline function,static data & member function,read only objects, pointers, dynamic memory allocation and deallocation,constructors & destructors,dynamic objects,array of pointer to object,local and global classes,nested and empty classes,preprocessor directives, namespace.

Console I/O: hierarchy of console stream classes, unformatted and formatted I/O operations, manipulators.

Operator overloading: overloadable operators, overloading unary and binary arithmetic and relational opeartors, overloading subsript,array, insertion, extraction,new and delete operators.

Friend function and type conversion: friend function, function overloading,overloading operators through friend function,basic type conversion, conversion between object and basic types, conversion between objects of different classes.

Inheritance: derivation rules, different forms of inheritance,roles of constructors and destructors in inheritance.

Virtual functions: virtual functions and their needs, pure virtual function, virtual destructor, virtual derivation, abstruct class.

Generic programming and exception handling: template function, template class,exception handling features of c++.

File handling: hierarchy of file stream classes, opening and closing files, file modes, testing for errors,file pointers and their manipulations, ASCII & Binary files, sequential and random access files.

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