4004Duration of Exam- Three hours

HTML Basic Concepts, Good Web Design, Process of Web Publishing, Phases of Web Site development, Structure of HTML documents, HTML Elements – Core attributes, Language attributes, Core Events, Block Level Events, Text Level Events, Linking Basics, Linking in HTML, Images and Anchors, Anchor Attributes, Image Maps, Semantic Linking Meta Information, Image Preliminaries, Image Download Issues, Images as Buttons, Introduction to Layout: Backgrounds, Colors and Text, Fonts, Layout with Tables. Advanced Layout: Frames and Layers, HTML and other media types. Audio Support in Browsers, Video Support, Other binary Formats. Style Sheets, Positioning with Style sheets. Basic Interactivity and HTML: FORMS, Form Control, New and emerging Form Elements.

C#.NET — Variables, Operators and Expressions, Writing Methods and Applying Scope, Decision statements, Iteration statements, Managing errors and Exceptions values and references, Value types with enumerations and Structures, Arrays and Collections parameter arrays, Inheritance, Garbage collection and Resource management.

Introducing ASP.NET — Understanding validation controls — Accessing Data with web forms — Building ASP.NET applications Building XML web service, handling XML.

Suggested References

  1. Jeff Prosise, Programming Microsoft .NET, Microsoft Press
  1. Thomas A Powell, HTML The Complete Reference, Tata McGraw Hill Publications.
  1. Doug Tidwell, James Snell, Pavel Kulchenko; Programming Web Services with SOAP, O’ Reilly
  2. Jesse Liberty, Programming C#, 3rd Edition, O’Reilly & Associates
  3. Jesse Liberty. Dan Hurwitz, Programming ASP.NET, O’Reilly & Associates


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