4004Duration of Exam- Three hours

Web commerce concepts – electronic commerce environment – electronic marketplace technologies – web based tools for e-commerce – e-commerce softwares – hosting services and packages – modes of e-commerce – EDI – commerce with WWW/ internet

Security issues – threats to e-commerce – approaches to safe e-commerce – secure transactions and protocols – intruder approaches – security strategies and tools – encryption – security teams – protecting e-commerce assets – protecting client machines – servers and channels – transaction integrity

Electronic payment systems – types of e-payment – internet monetary payment and security requirements – payment and purchase order process – electronic cash – electronic wallets – smart cards – credit and charge cards – risks – design of e-payment systems

Strategies for marketing – creating web presence – identifying and reaching customers – web branding – sales on the web – strategies for purchasing and support activities – EDI – supply chain management – softwares for purchasing – strategies for web auctions – virtual communities and web portals – international – legal – ethical and tax issues – planning and managing e-commerce projects.

Implementation of sample E-Commerce model in .NET/ Enterprise Java

Suggested References

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