MCA-302 Visual Programming with Visual Basic

MCA-302 Visual Programming with Visual Basic !

Concepts of Object based Event Oriented Languages, Visual Architecture: Method, Statement, Properties and Event; Basic concept of Visual Program Design and comparison with Non-Visuals.

The VB Integrated Development Environment and its elements: Menu bar, tool bars, project explorer, tool box, properties window, form designer, form layout, etc.

The VB language and its elements: Variables, constants, arrays, collections, subroutines, functions, arguments, and control structures.

Designing a VB application: Working with VB forms, form properties, adding, deleting, and managing forms at run time, coding event procedures, implementing drag and drop operations, menu designing, adding menu interface to forms, attaching code to events, dynamic menu appearance.

Coding a VB application: Implementing user interface controls, common controls and their properties, dynamic controls, custom controls, control arrays, using variable, subroutines, function and control structures, accessing data through code and data controls, using DLLs in VB applications, building ActiveX clients, ActiveX servers, ActiveX controls, ActiveX documents, and web-enabled applications, Multiple Document Interface, Graphics Programming.

Database programming (DAODC, ADODC) and Object Oriented programming with VB.

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