MCA-401 Java Programming and Internet Applications

MCA-401 Java Programming and Internet Applications !

Internet Applications: Introduction to internet; E-Mail- Architecture & services, user agent, message format & transfer, SMTP; World Wide Web (WWW) – Domain Name System, The Client side, The Server side, Creating and locating information on the web, search engines, URL’s, HTTP, FTP, Telnet; Web Browsers, Chat & Bulletin Board, USENET & NNTP (Network News Transfer Protocol).

JAVA and The Internet : The JAVA programming language and its characteristics; Java run- time environment; Java compiler; Java developers kit; running Java applications and Java applets.

JAVA programming: Elements of Java: Data types, scalar data types, operators & expressions, control structures. Class, objects & methods, constructors, finalizer, visibility controls, array, string & vectors, inheritance, interfaces, packages multithreading, applet programming.

Exception Handling: defining and throwing exceptions, creating your own exceptions.

Input/Output: streams, byte and character stream, the class Printstream, data streams, StringTokenizer class, stream tokenizers.

Delegation Event Model: AWT classes, AWT controls, Layout managers & menus.

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