MCA-403 Linux & Shell Programming

MCA-403 Linux & Shell Programming !

Linux Startup: User accounts, accessing linux – starting and shutting processes, Logging in and Logging out, Command line, simple commands.

Shell Programming: Unix file system: Linux/Unix files, inodes and structure and file system related commands, Shell as command processor, shell variables, creating command substitution, scripts, functions, conditionals, loops, customizing environment.

Regular Expressions and Filters: Introducing regular expressions patterns, syntax, character classes, quantifiers, introduction to egrep, sed, programming with awk and perl.

Processes in Linux: Processes, starting and stopping processes, initialization Processes, rc and init files, job control – at, batch, cron, time, network files, security, privileges, authentication, Password administration, archiving.

Processes in Linux.

Signals and signal handlers, Linux I/O System.

The C Environment: The C compiler, vi editor, compiler options, managing projects, memory management, use of makefiles, dependency calculations, memory management – dynamic and static memory, building and using static and dynamic libraries, using ldd, soname, dynamic loader, debugging with gdb.

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