MCA-405 System Programming

MCA-405 System Programming !

Introduction to System Software: Definition, Components of System Software, evolution of System Software.

Assemblers: Elements of Assembly language programming, overview of assembly process, design options- one pass assembler & multi pass assembler.

Macroprocessors: Basic functions, Design options-Recursive macro expansion, General purpose macro processors, Macro processing within language translators.

Compilers: Overview of Compilation process, Programming Language Grammar, Scanning, Parsing, Storage allocation, Compilation of expressions, Compilation of Control Structures, Code optimization, Design options-Compiler-Compilers, P-code compilers, Interpreters.

Loaders & Linkage Editors: Loading, Linking & Relocation, Program relocatibility, Overview of Linkage editing, linking for program overlays.

Software Tools: Spectrum of Software tools, text editors, Program generators, debugs monitors, Programming environments.

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